Keyboarders TM

Get doctor-approved relief for wrist pain. Comfortable, stretchy, slip-on fingerless mitts let you 'keyboard' and 'mouse' in comfort, relieving painful nerve pressure. The built-in pad cushions the wrist, and disperses the weight of the resting hand. No more stiff, awkward braces—work comfortably and safe with keyboarders.

Doctor-approved Keyboarders:

  • Are constructed of a double layer of stretch spandex
  • Feature a patented dense-foam padding which cushions sensitive carpal bones and protects the median nerve
  • Hold the wrist in a neutral position
  • Keep the wrist warm
  • Do not impede motion or reduce productivity like stiff braces
  • Are stylish, easy to wear and washable

But How Do They Work?

If you are used to stiff, immobilizing braces you may wonder how something so comfortable, inexpensive and light weight as MouseMitt Keyboarders can soothe aching wrists and help protect them against injury.

The answer is simple: MouseMitt’s unique design gives you freedom of motion, yet acts as a buffer between your wrists and the constant, accumulating friction of your work environment.

Your wrists are kept warm which promotes relaxation and good circulation, yet palms are cool and fingers are free to move! The padded section travels with your wrist so that there is no chafing on the work surface. The built-in cushion and elastic glove body help to reduce carpal displacement caused by the weight of your wrist resting on a hard work surface.

(Singles available in BLACK - Small, Medium, and Large only. Specify Left or Right hand.)

Colors Available

To determine size:
Measure circumference of wrist which is the distance around the wrist.

  • Extra Small under 5 inches
  • Small 5-6 inches
  • Medium 6-7 inches
  • Large 7-8 inches
  • Extra Large over 8 inches

In between sizes or unsure?
If you prefer a looser fit, order the bigger size. For a tighter fit, order the smaller size. Comfort should be your guide. MouseMitts do not work by “squeezing” the wrist.

Machine/hand wash, cold, no bleach, line dry.
Suitable for office or home, Keyboarders are easy to clean, put on and take off—and look great!

Return for a refund or exchange for a different style.

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