“I would just like to say “thank you” for inventing these wonderful wrist pads! Two years ago, I started having severe wrist pains shooting down my arms that were making it almost impossible to continue typing. I am a Medical Transcriptionist and I was desperate to try anything because I love my job. So I ordered a pair of your wrist pads and IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference! I can honestly tell you that I do not type for long periods of time anymore without wearing your MouseMitts. I am truly grateful.” -Lisa M. Craig, Sparta, TN

“I'm writing to rave about your product. I developed increasing discomfort in my wrists from prolonged time spent working on our computers. My wrists often ached, and I was even finding that periodically they seemed weak. It was a really painful, lousy experience. When my associate mentioned MouseMitts, I was really skeptical that such a simple product could help. But I decided I had nothing to lose. Well, pardon the understatement, but I'm cured! I do not have any discomfort in my wrists what-so-ever, even when I work ridiculously long hours. I'm not sure why, I just know they work and I won't touch the keyboard without them.” -Cameron Mather, Ontario

“I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel two years ago and tried therapy, wrist braces, medication and anything suggested to me to alleviate the pain. Then my mother sent me your product and I have worn it to death. I recommend the gloves to all of our clients.” -Jennifer Brown, USA

 “I've had problems with tendonitis—not unusual for graphics professionals—and I'd tried just about everything, including costly occupational therapy and braces. Neither of these options helped at all. Then I learned of MouseMitts. Within a couple of weeks, my wrists felt completely normal, something I frankly didn't think would ever happen again. Now I won't touch a computer without MouseMitts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  -D.L. Reynolds, New York

“Thank you for your marvelous product! I have suffered with carpal tunnel (syndrome) for 5 years and have tried many types of splints, wraps, exercises, steroid shots and anti-inflammatory drugs. Due to the excruciating pain I used my hands as little as possible. The doctor said surgery was my only option. It's been four months since I started wearing MouseMitts. I know this is hard to believe, but not only is surgery out of the picture, I no longer even have to take anti-inflammatory drugs! Now I get my work done without discomfort and have even taken up gardening! My whole family is amazed.” -Mary Johnson, USA

“My mother, an operator at Bell Canada, is interested in spreading the Gospel according to MouseMitts. She can't keep her hands out of the ones I recently purchased!” -E. Sudbury, Canada

 “I used to have wrist pain—early warnings of CTS that had me worried. Bought a MouseMitt for the heck of it, and have had zero pain since. I figure I've done about 4,400 hours of ten-key using mine. Thanks for keeping me healthy.” -D. Cotton, California

“I use the mouse constantly in Autocad. I had developed a very sore spot at the base of my hand where it rests on the desk. I purchased all kinds of devices to try to alleviate the pain. Your Keyboarders finally target the area where the problem arises and allows me to work as I have in the past.” -M. Grisez, Florida

“I really enjoy using your gloves. They have made a big difference in my hands. I have been using them for 2 years now and I'm very pleased.” -Wanda Miller, USA

“I wanted to take this time to say how wonderful the gloves are. And to thank the person who came up with these. I'm 28 with CTS, and have had a hard time dealing with the discomfort I have. But thanks to little things like your gloves, it has made a big difference in my everyday life. I looked for so long for something without the bulk of medical braces. Thank you.” -Sandra Anne, USA

“Thanks for a wonderful product. Have now used Keyboarders for about 5-6 weeks and find I rely more and more on them. At first I found I was wearing the Mitts at night as they stopped the tingling and numbing sensation in my hands when I awoke. Now my hands are quite normal in the mornings so I make sure I don't go to bed without the Mitts.” -E. Schepp, Canada

“They work great!!” -D. Gashins, USA

“I would like to congratulate you on designing the Mousemitt Keyboarder. The Keyboarder is a delight for my hands and wrists since I have rheumatoid arthritis. It's certainly an answer to my prayer and a wonderful product.” -Joan Hawings, USA

“I am writing to tell you how wonderful your product is. I have been using the MouseMitt for a year now and cannot work without it. I have tried other wrist supports advertised especially for computer users and discarded them because they were either too uncomfortable or limited my hand movement. The MouseMitt is so comfortable that I often forget to take it off when I am done working.” -Peggy Sorrell, USA

“We love them! Great product!” - Allen Hill, USA

“I have had my Keyboarders for about three weeks now and it surely has helped, both when typing and in the course of handling heavy books (I'm a book reviewer). I put my Keyboarder on when I get up on the morning, (the warming effect is very helpful even when I'm not working) and don't take it off until bedtime. Yours with thanks.” –Charles Morant, USA

“If the MouseMitts are as popular with our readers as they are around this office, you should get a great response, everybody here is either wearing a pair, or wants one!” -Terri Mauro, First For Women Magazine, USA

“This is my third order. These gloves are great. Thanks.” -Ann Yarborough,  Charleston, SC

“I would just like to say how much I like your product. I use the MouseMitt at my computer all day long. If I try to work without it my hand really bothers me. Thanks!!” - Julie Salatino, USA

“I have been using your MouseMitts for about two months now. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. When I wear the mitts consistently I have no problems with wrist soreness. I really like them.” -Helen O. Jones, Boise, ID

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is inflamed and compressed, resulting in tingling, pain, and numbness in the fingers and hand, and wrist. CTS currently affects over 8 million Americans, two-thirds of them women. [more]

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