Repetitive strain injuries are the nation's most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of American workers, and costing more than $20 billion a year in workers’ compensation.

Repetitive motion injuries, such as typing, grasping tools, and scanning groceries, result in the longest absences from work—an average of 23 days, according the U.S. Department of Labor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the No. 1 repetitive stress injury in America today:

  • 8 million Americans suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and other Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Two-thirds are women
  • 50% of all work-related injuries are CTS
  • $20 billion+ spent annually in workers’ compensation
  • Approx. 260,000 carpal tunnel release operations are performed each year
Braces and devices like these are uncomfortable and can’t be worn while working.

Current Solutions Have Limited Success

  • Laser treatments: experimental and expensive
  • Surgery: very expensive, only 23% return to work force
  • Support Devices: stiff braces, wrist wraps, and splints
  • Devices do not allow for mobility, are bulky and awkward to use

 (Statistics: U.S. Department of Labor)

Medical Endorsements

"I have tested your new product, the MouseMitt, on myself and several patients. I believe it will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and related disorders. I will also recommend it to my patients who currently suffer with CTS and wish to prevent their wrists from further damage."

J. Marcus Lay, D.O.
Aptos, California

"I have found the MouseMitt to be an excellent adjunct in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. It facilitates healing by allowing the patient to continue gainful employment while minimizing the possible detriments."

Eugene Charles, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Co-Developer of The Hand Powerciser,
Norwalk, California

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