Stop wrist pain with MouseMitt gloves!


"I would just like to say how much I like your product. I use a MouseMitt at my computer all day long. If I try to work without it, my hand really bothers me, so the MouseMitts have saved the day. Thanks!"

Julie Salatino, USA

"The short version: Mousemitts have saved my career.

The longer version: I've had long-running problems with tendonitis--not unusual for graphics professionals--and I'd tried just about everything, including costly occupational therapy and braces. Neither of these options helped at all. Stretching exercises were quite effective, but didn't completely alleviate the problem. I was deeply concerned that I wouldn't be able to continue working in this field. Then I learned of Mousemitts. Within a couple of weeks, my wrists felt completely normal, something I frankly didn't think would ever happen again. Now I won't touch a computer without Mousemitts. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

D.L. Reynolds, via email

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