For over 20 years, MouseMitt Customers have gotten relief from wrist pain, arthritis, tendonitis and cold hands, protected themselves against wrist injury, CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and RSI (repetitive stress injury) with our ergonomic computer gloves.

Our Corporate Customers

Abilene Police Bureau of Prisons

Accelerated Hand Therapy

American Airlines

American Express

Amway Corp

Apple Computer

Arthritis Today


Bank of America

Bell Atlantic

Bristol Myers

California Dept of Rehabilitation

Central Florida Pain Clinic


Cisco Systems

City of Hope Medical Center


Cornell University

Dartmouth Medical School


Federal Express

Ft. Wayne Neurological Assoc.

General Electric

Hartford Memorial Hospital

Health Hand Therapy Clinic

Hewlett Packard

Intel Corporation

Kaiser Hospitals

Kaiser Permanente


Miami Valley Hospital


Mutual of Omaha

Orlando Police Social Security Administration

Park View Memorial Hospital

Pathologists Assoc

Physician Science Laboratory

Presbyterian Medical Services


State of California

State of Florida

State of Wyoming

Sutter General Hospital

U of California

U of Maryland

Universal Pictures

University of Chicago Hospitals

US Army

US Coast Guard

US Dept of Labor

US Navy

US Post Office

US Secret Service

VA Medical Center

Medical Endorsements

"I have tested your new product, the MouseMitt, on myself and several patients. I believe it will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and related disorders. I will also recommend it to my patients who currently suffer with CTS and wish to prevent their wrists from further damage."

J. Marcus Lay, D.O.
Aptos, California

"I have found the MouseMitt to be an excellent adjunct in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. It facilitates healing by allowing the patient to continue gainful employment while minimizing the possible detriments."

Eugene Charles, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Co-Developer of The Hand Powerciser,
Norwalk, California

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