Q: How do I find out the right size for Keyboarders and SoftSplints?
Measure the circumference of your wrist.
You can use a tape measure, sticky-tape (at least 8 inches long) and a ruler; a strip of paper (at least 8 inches long) and a ruler; or, in a pinch, a dollar bill. For paper strips or sticky tape, wrap around your wrist, mark were the end meets the rest of strip, and lay on a ruler to measure.
Dollar bill trick: a dollar bill is six inches long. Fold it length-wise a couple of times until it is long and narrow. Wrap it around your wrist, and ask yourself: Do the ends meet, overlap, or is there a gap. If they overlap, estimate how much the ends overlap and subtract that amount from 6 inches. If there is a gap, estimate the size of the gap, and add that amount to six inches. (Example: if there is a 1/2 gap, your wrist would measure 6 1/2 inches.)

  • Under five inches = extra small
  • 5.1 to six inches = small
  • 6.1 to seven inches = medium
  • 7.1 to eight inches = large
  • over eight inches = extra large

Q: I am right between sizes. What do I do?
A. If you like things loose, order the bigger size. If you prefer a tighter fit, order the smaller size, but remember, comfort should be your guide. Our Mitts do not work by 'squeezing' the wrist.

Q: Are the products returnable?
A. Yes. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. During that time you may return that product for a refund, or exchange it for a different size or style. Returns

Medical Endorsements

"I have tested your new product, the MouseMitt, on myself and several patients. I believe it will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and related disorders. I will also recommend it to my patients who currently suffer with CTS and wish to prevent their wrists from further damage."

J. Marcus Lay, D.O.
Aptos, California

"I have found the MouseMitt to be an excellent adjunct in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. It facilitates healing by allowing the patient to continue gainful employment while minimizing the possible detriments."

Eugene Charles, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Co-Developer of The Hand Powerciser,
Norwalk, California

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